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Beautiful and Healthy Legs Begin with The Monahan Vein Clinic

Dr. Blitstein

Vein disease is a branch of surgery that, in the past, was trivialized and neglected.  New technology brought greater interest to the field in the last decade.  Many physicians from other fields now offer vein care treatment, though their training did not prepare them for comprehensive treatment of venous diseases. It’s difficult know how thorough a physician’s knowledge is in any particular area.  At Monahan Vein Clinic, you can be sure a comprehensive view is given to your treatment.

While not usually a life-threatening problem, chronic vein disease can cause discomfort, pain, swelling, and non-healing wounds of the leg. Most often, women with varicose veins (which occur much more commonly in women than men) are told that it is just a cosmetic problem and not to worry about it. This results in years, even decades, of neglect while these women go on to develop more advanced problems of vein disease. Over the last ten to fifteen years there have been great advances in our understanding and treatment of vein disease. Better diagnostics has led to better, more effective, minimally invasive, and more definitive treatment. There is now a major effort being made to educate the public, and physicians, about vein disease. Vein Surgery and Treatment Center is committed to participation in this endeavor.

What we offer:

  • A comprehensive understanding of vein disease, treating your underlying vein problem, not just the surface manifestations
  • Expert ultrasound for accurate diagnosis provided in office
  • Minimally invasive treatment techniques, in office, allowing immediate return to normal activity
  • Injection treatment for spider veins and surface varicose veins
  • Radiofrequency ablation (Closure) procedure for varicose veins, and in some with complicated vein problems (leg ulcers)
  • Advanced ultrasound-guided injection techniques (endovenous chemical ablation)
  • Participation with other experts in vein disease in research and education

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